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The percussion instrument that gives you a workout!

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The JumpDrum is exactly the instrument/exercise you've been looking for.


Made in Connecticut, USA, the JumpDrum is a revolutionary percussion instrument that gives you a great workout just by playing it. It's a hybrid drum set in which the bass drum is played by walking, running, or bouncing atop it while the drums are actually tuned cajons situated on a vertical frame. 

The base Thumper can be purchased on its own and is a great dance/exercise platform in its own right. Adding drums on the upright frame allows users to drum along with their own beat. No need to think about the bass line; just walk, run, or bounce in place. The upright frame is customizable as well, allowing you to add more drums as your budget allows. 


A short demo of the different drums on the JumpDrum. 

Bounce To The Beat

View videos and pictures of our new exercise program being developed specifically for the JumpDrum, Bounce To The Beat!

Because of the patented technology of the Thumper (base of the JumpDrum apparatus) anyone can be a part of the beat, it's as easy as marching in time! NO RHYTHMIC EXPERTISE NEEDED. No drumming experience need! 

JumpDrums are great when used together in a Bounce to the Beat class setting (below) or when used alone while playing along to a groove (further down).

Keep checking back, more videos being added.

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Thinking inside the box...

Dunduns are tuned West African bass drums that set the backbone beat in drum circles. David De Palo (pictured left playing dunduns) inventor of the JumpDrum® wanted a way to accompany himself when drumming solo. He'd also noticed that playing djembe gave him a great upper body workout, but not so much of an aerobic workout. It occurred to him that if there was a way to march on top of a bass drum he could have a steady beat to play against in addition to getting aerobic exercise. But how to march on a drum without breaking it? The solution turned out to be the patent pending technology built into the Thumper, the base of the JumpDrum apparatus.

It took over two years and many iterations of the actuator and striker mechanism before De Palo realized the solution was to "float" a platform on springs above the bass cajon drum and (in a truly ironic out-of-the-box moment of inspiration) strike the drum from within.

Jumping engages the quads, hamstrings, calves and glutes and also teaches the body to absorb force.
— Scott Caulfield, Coach for the National Strength and Conditioning Association in Colorado Springs, Colo.
Jumping or rebounding can help you reap a lot of health benefits, It is so easy and a great way to keep yourself fit.
— quietadove, pointersviewpoint
Tone your legs in record time. Jumping recruits all the major muscles of the lower body. We’re talking calves to glutes, and everything in between. Not only does jumping strengthen your muscles, it is great for your bones too. Landing quietly, makes the return to ground a workout too so channel your inner ballerina on the rebound.

Jumping burns crazy mad calories.
— Susi May, senior content director, Popsugar Fitness
A growing body of research shows that drumming has a positive effect on Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, depression, PTSD, and more.
— Dale Eisinger, The Daily Beast
This may well be the most significant innovation in drumming since 1909 when William F. Ludwig and his brother Theobald invented the first spring driven pedal.
Drumming Places One in the Present Moment

Drumming helps alleviate stress that is created from hanging on to the past or worrying about the future. When one plays a drum, one is placed squarely in the here and now.

-––Michael Drake, About Religion

View the history of the JumpDrum's creation in chronological photos.

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Can I use drum sticks on the jumpdrum?

Not recommended.

Is it possible to add a second striker to my thumper?

Absolutely! It's best to order your thumper configured for two strikers, however, it is possible to retrofit. We will send you instructions and the requisite parts.


Is there anyway to tune the drums?

The drums can only be tuned up, and this is achieved by gluing thin strips of wood to the underside of the resonant head where it meets the box.


Is it possible to replace the heads if one breaks?

Yes, but the old head will need to be stripped and the edges sanded before gluing on the new head.


Is it possible to purchase just the upright drums without the base?

Yes. Of course. And you can purchase more frame holders as well.

How long will it take before my order is shipped?

Every JumpDrum is built to order. We ask that you allow up to 10 days for fabrication (although we usually have them made in 4). The more orders we process, the faster we can make them.