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What is the JumpDrum? How does it work?.

The JumpDrum is the brainchild of composer David De Palo and artist Jennie Carr. It's an upright drum kit made out of wood and aircraft aluminum, however, you play the bass drum--which is also the base of the JumpDrum--by marching, running, bouncing, or dancing in place atop it. That's what makes it so unique. A platform is supported above the resonant head of the bass drum (which we call the "Thumper") on gymnastic spring floor springs. When a user marches atop the platform, every right step or every bounce sends the actuator into the bass drum where it actuates the striker, which strikes the resonant head of the drum upwards from within! Thus, we start every class marching in time. That in turn creates a very solid bass rhythm. It's not hard to add parts above this ground, because marching in time requires virtually no thought. 

The way the upright drums are situated is modeled after the large Japanese Taiko. Reaching for the top drums activates the shoulders and traps and deltoids. The middle and lower drums work out the pecs, triceps, and biceps. But the constant marching/bouncing adds the much needed leg and buttock, calf and thigh, as well as aerobic development. It's a high intensity, low impact workout like you've never experienced before!